I started the first spoken word poetry slam series in Ecuador. I interview poets and writers for the Poetry Thin Air cable show and produce and direct the documentary cable series Arts(Performing)@Tribes about multimedia artists. These interviews and documentaries are in the collections of The New York Public Library, the Fales Collection at NYU, the Poetry/Rare Books Collection at SUNY Buffalo, the University of Rochester, the Avant Writing Collection at the Ohio State University and the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Austin.  

My visual art is about power and who has it. And about the enormous waste of human capital  and of environmental plunder that is a direct result of the abuse of power.. This can be seen in my feature length film Tom, Sally and the Marquis that asks who, de Sade or Thomas Jefferson, is the sadist and who is the hypocrite. A more recent documentary explores the cinematic work, paintings, sculpture and writing of Nick Zedd, originator of the Cinema of Transgression, that is dedicated to the concept that power corrupts, that we live in a controlled environment and that opposition is the only way to arrive at self-realization.

My sculpture is made from found objects and is preserved as photographs. The sculpture is disassembled  and the  components go back into my inventory of objects to be reused in new sculpture. This is the reverse of waste. What is used is saved and used again in another way.

The materials I use are readily available, usually for free in the streets of Bushwick, of  East Berlin, Paris, Madrid etc. .  My preference is for the camera embedded in the iPhone. 

In other words all this is something anyone can do. So art is de-mystified and de-theorized.

Of course this is a direct criticism of the "New Academy" of artists who run factories, politely called studios, that produce the work while the artists publicize their art, critics theorize the work and the dealers anesthetize the billionaires who buy it to impress other billionaires. 



Found posters, frames, metal, nails, cloth, paint and paste